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The Waves:

El Salvador, is a small country in the heart of Central America, facing straight south to the Pacific Ocean. The best swell direction is SW. There are surfable waves almost year round and you will find mostly right hand pointbreaks, a couple of left hand rivermouths and a few volcanic black sand beachbreaks. The weather is tropical, no wetsuits needed. Mostly sunblock.


There are two seasons:

  • SUMMER: November – March: waves range between 2’ – 4’, with ideal conditions for beginners. There are some sneak swells with occasional offshore wind conditions.


  • WINTER: May – October: waves can reach double overhead 6’ – 8’. Thunderstorms and rain are frequent with glassy conditions.


With a varied coastline, there are two main surfing areas:


  • The province of La Libertad has world class waves like Punta Roca in town and other pointbreaks that can offer excellent waves.El Tunco is a popular surftown with hotels, restaurants, surfshops, and bars with many choices of food, lodging and nightlife. The waves at Sunzal are great for beginners and very consistent.Further west, El Zonte is a small surf community with a different vibe and the waves can get really good.

La Bocana Surf Spot
Sunzal Surf Spot
Palmarcito Surf Spot
  • On the eastern side, a more relaxed atmosphere holds a variety of other world class waves like Punta Mango. There are many surfcamps by Las Flores, where the waves are a good choice for beginners.

Punta Mango Surf Spot
Las FLores Surf Spot
Las Flores Surf Spot
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